We're bridging the gap between the community & youth overcoming adversity  

  One Voice, One Choice at a Time  

Our Vision:

That all young people will receive the support they need to make a successful transition from adolescence to become empowered, responsible adults and contributing members of their communities.  

Our Mission:

To create a place where youth 18 - 23 have secure housing, an intentional community of responsible peers, and individualized coaching on problem-solving and achieving their goals for the future. 

New Transitions launches petition drive to support Insure Tennessee

Young workers 18-25 are largest single demographic group to benefit from Insure Tennessee.  
Governor's Health Plan to Benefit Youth

Governor Bill Haslam has proposed a plan to expand access to health care in Tennessee. Young people between the age of 18 - 24 will be one out of every four persons helped by the plan.  In the past year over 400 young people have applied for housing at New Transitions.  All of these young people are working in low-wage or part-time jobs, making on average $1,000 or less per month.  Like 30,000 other Tennesseans their age, they do not have parents with health care plans to cover them.  If the legislature adopts the Governor's proposal, these young workers will have health care coverage until they can get enough experience and education to secure good jobs with benefits like health insurance.  The Tennessee Assembly is expected to vote on the bill in the next two weeks.  

New Transitions Breaks 12,000

New Transitions was three years old as of May 1, 2014.  As of that date, New Transitions had provided 12,020 person-nights of safe, secure housing for our Participants, their partners and their children.  ts of safe secure housing. 

We thank all of our donors, volunteers and Participants for making this happen!
See our New Video on Transitions:  The Transitions Framework can help foster parents, case managers, adoptive parents, and others who work with teens who are forced to move from one household to another.  See our Three-Part Video series on the Transitions Framework HERE
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